Reasons Government is Necessary

A government is an organization in a community or political entity that has the power to enact and enforce laws and maintain the peace and order. A government is necessary since is it considered the leadership of an organization, community or political entity.

Laws are important since it defines the behavior of citizens. It defines which are legal or illegal. Without laws, an activity can not be known if it a crime or not. The law-making role of the government creates a code of conduct for individuals to follow.

Another role of the government is the maintenance of peace and order. The police and fire department ensures that crimes like murder, theft, arson, etc. are prevented or minimized. If a crime does happen, it is their role to look into how the crime happened and apprehend the perpetrators.

Government also promotes harmony though justice and equality. Once a crime is solved by the police, it is the duty of the judicial branch of the government to bring the perpetrator to court for fair trial and punishment. It makes sure that the right person gets into jail for the right reason.

It is also the role of the government to build roads, bridges, rail systems and other infrastructure. These are important since it makes moving about easier and more convenient. It also makes doing business a lot easier since goods and services can be moved faster from the source of production to the marketplace.

Another role of the government is to provide children with public access to basic education. It is essential that children learn how to read, write and count.

Another role of the government is to collect taxes and ensure that these taxes fund the right projects that are beneficial to society. Money is needed to build public schools, roads and bridges and provide services like welfare assistance, health care, unemployment benefits, etc. This is where taxes come in. The government collects taxes from individuals and business so that schools, roads and other infrastructure are built.

It is also important that the government protect its security from threats. It is the role of the government to have a military force to defend its territory from external threats like terrorism, war and invasion. The government’s police force protects the citizens against internal threats like civil disobedience, organized crime, lawlessness, insurrection.

Another role of the government is to have foster relations with other governments. In an era of globalization, it is important that governments work with each other to maintain world peace and prosperity.

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Snow Cone Business?

The snow cart business might sound great, but any smart person’s going to ask the same question whether it’s snow cones or any other business: how much does it cost to start? This is a big question since not many of us have a ton of cash on the side…if we did we wouldn’t be looking for an awesome cash business like snow cone stands!


In most states, and even in some counties and cities, you will need to make sure you have all the business licenses available to operate. In some states these cost as little as $50 total, while in many others it may run up to a couple hundred, but it shouldn’t run any more than that. The cost also varies if you have a lawyer draw up business papers for you, or if you choose to do it yourself and hand the application into the courthouse personally. These fees can usually be made up with one or two good days.

The Snow Cone Cart

Prices can vary greatly depending on what type of a cart you buy to get started with. In fact, this expense is the single biggest factor in determining start up costs. Snow carts range anywhere from $400 to $4,000 for brand new shaved ice carts. There is also a ton of variety between these two extremes, but many people decide to start out with snow cone carts that are well under $1,000 starting out, and many make their money back in short time with just a few really good cash days.

While many people will do very well starting out with a small cart, don’t rely on price alone. There’s nothing wrong with starting cheap and working your way up (especially with how often the shaved ice business doesn’t even feel like work), but what if the early demand for your snow cones is three or four times what you can provide? Not only do all those profits walk away, but you will end up having to buy a larger and more expensive snow cone stand anyway. Take the time to make sure you’re making the right decision on this one.

The Shaved Ice Machine

The next most expensive piece of equipment is the shaved ice machine itself. The machine, along with your stand, is one of the cornerstones of your business starting out, and entry level machines are most commonly found in the $400-$600 range. The best place to find a good shaved ice machine is from an actual vendor or online website that specializes in them. Many of these sites will actually have several machines for easy comparison, making it easier for you to look at the deals available and decide on the best one for you.

Buy Supplies Wholesale

While prices can vary for the supplies you need to run the snow cone business, most of these will at least be in the same price range. For materials like paper cups, plastic spoons, or Styrofoam cups, never be afraid to look around locally for a Sam’s Club, Costco, or other wholesale store that might give you the best deal. These types of overhead materials are cheap, and when bought wholesale they often cost only pennies per snow cone sold.

Snow Cone Syrup

Out of the actual overhead supplies, the concentrate syrup for mixing ingredients will cost the most, and a gallon of this can run anywhere from $30-50 depending on flavor and vendor. The good news is that one gallon of concentrate can make 8 gallons of syrup, or anywhere from 640-800 snow cones, leaving tons of room to make a boatload of profit. Look around for sales, especially when buying in bulk as some places offer steep discounts for bulk orders.

What’s This All Mean?

The up-front costs do add up, but a snow cone business has some really amazing profit margins, and it doesn’t take that many little league games, flea markets, or big days to make up a good chunk of that initial investment. It only takes a few good days to bring in enough cash to make up for all your investment, and after that it’s pure profit.

Neighborhood Watch Mission Statement

A mobile neighborhood watch patrol can be a positive contribution to the community. They are easy to start and we have a free E-Book to assist you. The most important first step in setting up the mobile neighborhood watch program is to design a proper mission statement that all volunteer members can live with. Here is a sample of a good mission statement to help launch the Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program that you will soon be setting up in your community.

Mission Statement:

To help our local police department by becoming the eyes and ears of the community. To establish a power of presence and thus increasing the visibility of our enforcement services. To establish a zone for criminals where the risk of being caught is too high for them to practice their profession. To unite the business community and Chamber of Commerce with the citizens and the local government. To be proactive in law enforcement. To empower people to remain in control of their communities. To lower crime rates and to keep property value high.

People who have jobs which require extensive travel through local communities (like delivery services, real estate agents, and utility companies) are often in positions which they may see crimes in action or suspicious behavior. Sometimes, just by being in a particular area at just the right time, they may even unknowingly act as a deterrent for criminal activity. The Neighborhood Mobile Watch program seeks to enhance a community’s crime prevention strategy by providing concerned citizens, whose professions require extensive driving, with proper training and signage materials to even further deter criminal activity.

Learning how to recognize suspicious behavior and knowing which local authorities to contact is one of the key components of the training. Just knowing the correct phone number, rather than dialing 911, can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for the proper authorities to respond, and keeps 911 lines open for other emergencies. Another key component of the program is providing magnetic signs on business and service vehicles, and using static cling stickers on other vehicles which read: “We report suspicious behavior to our local police department.” This lets potential criminals know right away that they should not risk any illegal activity; a trained and aware crime watcher is in the area.

Each participant in the program attends a 30-minute seminar at the local Chamber of Commerce with a Community Relations Officer from the Police Department. They will receive a certificate and then be issued two magnetic signs or a set of static cling stickers for their car(s). We will ask participation from Chamber Members to start and as things prove to be effective we will increase participation and education of the process. We will alert the media to this program and give credit to the participants for helping our city or town. The participants will need some sort of two-way communication, such as a cellular phone, two-way radio with a dispatcher or wireless Internet access.

To download or view online our Free E-Book “How to Set Up a Successful Neighborhood Mobile Watch Program go to this web address below:

Drinking Water, Hemorrhoids and Alcohol Consumption

There is a lot to be shared about the connection between drinking water, hemorrhoids (piles) and excessive alcohol consumption. The news media, health blogs and healthy living magazines constantly remind people to drink more water for better health.

We all know water is better for us than soda, sugary drinks and all the other liquids most people prefer to drink than simple water. But we all have cravings. I used to drink lots of soda thinking I was getting enough water from it.

These same health sources also warn that excessive alcohol consumption and hemorrhoids are a painful reality for many heavy drinkers. Piles are inflamed anal veins that grow into small or large masses inside or outside of the anus.

They are commonly known as internal or external hemorrhoids or external piles and internal piles. Hemorrhoid symptoms are chronic itching in and around the rectal cavity. They also cause a stinging burning pain that makes walking or even sitting extremely painful. Severe inflammation of anus veins can cause bleeding from the anal region that can be scary.

Let’s look at drinking water, excessive alcohol consumption and hemorrhoids a little more closely.

Drinking Water and Hemorrhoids

Water is absolutely essential in digestion, absorption of nutrients and bodily waste elimination through urination and bowel movements. Health experts recommend as a general rule of thumb to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day. If you’re exercising or losing bodily fluids more rapidly you’ll need to drink more, but the “8 x 8” rule is a good to gauge follow.

Drinking water helps prevent chronic constipation, which can play a big role in developing piles. Straining when passing bowel movements can lead to blood swollen veins around the anal region. When a person’s body is not properly hydrated from drinking enough water constipation can happen that causes painful piles to develop internally or externally.

Dehydration is significant contributor to hemorrhoids. Drinking plenty of water can greatly reduce the risk of getting this condition that effects millions of people yearly. It can be caused by digestive problems due to poor body hydration. You would be amazed at how many cases could be prevented using the “8×8” rule.

Chronic diarrhea is another major cause of piles forming. Diarrhea’s spastic motion adds a tremendous amount of unhealthy pressure to the anus that can cause straining like with constipation. Strong spastic pressure on the anus that can also cause anal fissures besides inflamed anal veins.

When people do develop hemorrhoids their doctors always tell them to drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins while keeping their digestive system healthy to prevent a future outbreak.

If you don’t like the taste of tap water or want to live eco-friendly avoiding bottled water invest in an affordable water purifier for the kitchen faucet.

As a former hemorrhoid sufferer who went through laser surgery in Los Angeles I make sure I drink plenty of water daily. Hydrate to beat them!

Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Hemorrhoids

By no means am I telling people not to drink. I enjoy one glass of red wine with dinner most nights. My doctor told me it was good for my heart in moderation. If I’m at a dinner party it’s not uncommon for me to have two or three glasses of red wine while enjoying good company.

When I go fishing or camping with family and friends I enjoy more than a few bottles of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. As I’ve got older in life I’ve learned my drinking limits and no when to not push it to excessive alcohol consumption.

Where excessive alcohol consumption and hemorrhoids becomes a dangerous mix is when it comes to heavy or binge drinking. College was my first experience with excessive alcohol consumption and piles. I wasn’t drinking enough water or eating right. My sophomore year I developed a very small external hemorrhoid.

It still hurt like an itchy fiery bee sting and I was embarrassed to tell my friends. My parents took me to a doctor who prescribed me a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) to treat it and eliminate it. The growth was very small and was caught early, so it could be treated without surgery or banding. There are other many excellent hemorrhoidal products you can buy online for hemorrhoid relief and treatment.

Alcohol dehydrates the body badly and robs it of precious vitamins. Most people when they drink alcohol skip drinking water in between alcoholic beverages and don’t take a vitamin for a day or night of drinking.

Heavy drinkers have a higher risk of getting this rectal condition because of alcohol dehydration and lack of vitamins in their bodies. It’s recommended to take a multivitamin 4 hours before drinking alcohol. When you drink alcohol make sure to take your vitamins.

Drinking too much alcohol can cause severe constipation and small, dry stools that are tough to pass during bowel movements. The strain and pressure to pass a bowel movement makes the veins in and around the anus inflamed. This is a major factor to internal and external piles developing.

People that consume alcohol excessively will commonly experience digestive and bowel movement problems. This is because alcohol in any common form (beer, wine, whiskey etc.) acts as a diuretic that will dehydrate the alcohol drinker.

A person who is dehydrated normally experiences constipation and is forced to severely strain when passing bowel movements. Binge drinking can also lead to highly elevated blood pressure, which in turn increases the pressure to delicate veins in and around the anus.

The important thing is to drink water even when you’re drinking alcohol to stay well hydrated. Dehydration, constipation and diarrhea contribute heavily to hemorrhoid risk or can make a current hemorrhoid condition worse. Water is your friend when it comes to hemorrhoids. Excessive alcohol consumption and hemorrhoids are two things to avoid if you can.

No Time To Breathe

Everyone I talk to is overwhelmed and darn near totally exhausted. No one has TIME.

Time is so very precious.

It seems we can never have enough. We are always looking for more!

My coaching clients consistently want help in this area.

They really want miracles.

They want to change absolutely nothing they are doing but find twice as much time as they now have.

Wish I had the power to grant that wish to everyone, especially ME!

Instead of being able to wave my Harry Potter wand, I offer them 10 tips to find more time when life offers you “too much”.

Here they are:

1) Let some stuff go – Life has so much to offer, we are always reaching for more. Today, before you go to bed tonight, take 10% of what you are now doing and let go. Make it disappear. If you “must” watch TV for 4 hours a night, drop one show and make it 3 hours. If you play golf 3 times a week and then driving range 2 more night, cut back today. If you always work right after the kids go to bed until your bedtime, chop of a half hour a day and relax, meditate, or read a good book.

2) Change your expectations. I don’t care what you have planned for today, you probably won’t get it all done. Everyone underestimates the time they will need. We all assume optimum performance and 100 % cooperation from everyone. The real world just doesn’t work that way. Sorry!

3) Plan your day. Don’t react to what is thrown at you. Plan what you need to and want to get done each day. Plan if you can the night before. At a minimum start planning as your feet hit the floor in the morning as you enjoy that first cup of coffee!

4) Never have more than six tasks, 6 to do’s in front of you at any one time. The brain can’t handle any more than that. If you have more on your list — I guarantee stress is around the corner. Take your 6 from your brain dump and go from there. (Don’t know what a brain dump is or how to do it? Drop me a note & I’ll tell you more).

5) Analyze your daily focus. If you have a hot project, goal, desire, look at the top 6 tasks we just talked about and see how they do or do not fit in the focus area you are chasing. If too many don’t fit in this area, re-evaluate and maybe shift your focus. Sometimes you can’t but it is always worth another look.

6) Plan some “chill” time. We all need to take a deep breath and unwind–each and everyday. Schedule 15-30 minutes minimum just to clear the fog everyday. It will let you be much more productive when you go back to work. Promise!

7) Get some fresh air. I don’t care how hot or cold it is–get outside for a few minutes everyday. I try to work outside when ever I can. Fresh air seems to make me much more productive. Some sunshine with that vitamin C beating upon you will work wonders.

8) Play some of your favorite music. Unless music just isn’t important to you, it has been proven music will reduce your stress and make you more productive.

9) Find multiple mentors. Constantly seek mentors in all areas of your life. I have or am seeking mentors for my business, my relationships, spiritual goals, woodcarving skills etc. You can spend money and hire a mentor, but the ones that have always worked best for me are folks that really, really care about you and mentor for free or at a very low cost. Now don’t get me wrong. Professional coaches and mentors can work wonders and are usually the place you have to start to see results, but when someone adopts you and truly wants to see you succeed, magic begins!

10) Find a “punching bag” buddy. Find someone you can complain to with no judgement. Someone you can be 105 % honest with. This buddy will hear how you feel, how bad your problems are effecting you, how you deep down inside feel and know your hopes, your dreams and your prayers. This is someone you need to meet with at least once a month-more often if possible.

Well folks, there are 10 ideas. I know you currently are not using them all. Start using those that you are not and tweak your current practices if you are “kinda” following one of the tips.

If you have any questions, let me know!

5 Factors of Production

Economic systems rely on certain inputs to operate effectively. Collectively, these inputs are called the factors of production. They are the resources businesses use to create wealth. There are five factors of production: land, labour, capital, entrepreneurship, and knowledge. While knowledge is as old as humankind, it is only recently that it has been recognized as a factor of production. Here are some tips to help you understand the five factors of production:


Labour refers to all natural resources. It comprises things found in man’s natural environment which can be used in producing goods and services. Examples include the earth itself (which forms the site where the enterprise is situated), climate, vegetation, water, and mineral deposits. The reward for land is rent.


Labour is another input of production. It refers to human efforts both mental and physical directed towards the production of goods and service. Among contemporary writers and scholars, labour is distinguished from entrepreneurship and knowledge. The reward for labour is wages or salaries.


Capital refers to all man-made productive assets used to further production. These productive assets are not wanted for their own sake (the satisfaction they yield), but because they help to produce other commodities. To better appreciate this input of production, we classify it into two forms: capital good and capital fund. The former consists of such things as tools, equipment, buildings, fixtures, means of transport, as well as raw materials in the process of manufacture, and inventory for sale. Capital fund, on the other hand, refers to money or cash that is available for investment in business enterprises. It could be in the forms of stocks, shares, loans and debentures. The reward for capital is interest.


Entrepreneurship has been distinguished from labour, because, labourers cannot make a contribution without the entrepreneur. The labourers need to find work in order to make a contribution, and the entrepreneur makes this job available. Without the entrepreneur, all other factors of production are of little economic value. The entrepreneur identifies a business opportunity, organizes the other factors, and assumes the risks of success or failure of the business venture.

Entrepreneurship, simply put, is the exploitation of opportunities that exist within a market through the combination of other factors of production. The reward for entrepreneurship is profit.


We have distinguished this factor, knowledge, because it is increasingly being recognized as a vital factor of contemporary business. It is distinct from labour. It is a critical and meaningful resource in any economy. Knowledge is fluid. It can be captured, codified and transmitted. While others, cannot be completely articulated, for example, skills and competencies (tacit knowledge) can only be shard through interaction with people and the environment. Knowledge resides in the mind of the holder or knower, and when it is transmitted it becomes information.

Knowledge is a fluid mix of framed experience, values, contextual information, and expert insight that provides a framework for evaluating and incorporating new experiences and information. It originates and is applied in the minds of knower. In organizations, it often becomes embedded not only in documents or repositories but also in organizational routines, processes, practices, and norms. (Davenport & Prusak, 1998: 5)

Knowledge as the fifth factor of production is increasingly being recognized as the driver of productivity and economic growth. And it has certain unique characteristics that distinguish it from physical labour. These are:

  • Knowledge is expandable and self-generating: As an engineer or doctor gets more experience, his knowledge base will increase, and
  • Knowledge is transportable and shareable: This means that it is easily moved and shared. This transfer, however, does not prevent its use by the original holder.

It has been emphasized that knowledge resides in people’s minds, expectedly, the reward for knowledge is wages or salaries.

Knowledge, entrepreneurship, labour, capital and land has described as factors of production needed in any economic system, so as to operate effectively. The rewards for these factors were highlighted.

The Importance Of Updating Your Website Regularly

I am an SEO professional and often I have to explain to a client what a website is and the importance of updating their website, with doing a simple and clear comparison. Which I will share the comparison in this short article…

You just think that you are the owner of a shop with a window that has a high traffic of potential customers, how many times during the month you would change your showcase?

Depending on the type of store, the window can vary, once or twice a month, or maybe even more, so why not update your website with the same principle?

The website is your window on the network, a showcase with a huge shift, great potential but we must know how to exploit to its advantage.

Making a website is only the first step to increasing your visibility on the web, a constant updating and care of your site are critical steps to improve web presence and ranking on search engines.

New content to improve visibility

Each new article creates a new page of the site, which can be positioned on search engines for a specific keyword, this is a clear signal to Google and search engines that your site is active since it will emerge and rise in positioning.

On the other hand, a non-updated website will give a negative signal to both search engines and potential customers, who will visit your online shop window, the image that you transmit via website is critical, as the customers visiting a website and are not being updated, so they believe your company is not likely to deliver the services they need and exclude you from the choice.

How do you find customers on the internet?

The statistics speak for itself, as the majority of people now search all basic services including those through the Internet: computer, tablet or even more from your phone when you are around, so why not let us find you first on the search engines with a site updated and active in order to present the most of your activities.

Constance in updates

The constancy in the updates is the basis for the management of your website, this does not recommend that you update a site with a daily recurrence, each according to its availability can decide how often to insert updates trying to set goals that are in able to comply.

Twice a month, once a week, could be excellent starting points to work to update the website maybe presenting the news of your business, your flagship products or tenders of the month, items that can arouse interest in customers or deepen their knowledge of a product or service.

Do not forsake your website

Your website’s position on search engines does not remain constant over time if it is not updated, other competitors updating their website or restructuring it could easily positioning on Google and recover the ground may not be so easy in the short term.

For this, we recommend you not to abandon your website once published online, update it will always guarantee a good visibility, will allow you to save on advertising investment in the print media and the area and will allow you to gain customers from more parts of the territory.

If you do not have time get help

If you do not have time to update your website get help from an agency or a professional who will help you to program a constant updating, to publish new products and create new content to increase the visibility of your site and your business.

Home Theater Sound Systems

When you get a home theater, you are probably really excited about your new TV. But a lot of people over look that maybe getting a sound system in addition to the speakers that come with the TV is a good idea. You can get surround sound, or just large speakers to attach to the TV. Getting clear sound along with the new flat screen clear picture helps to make for the ultimate movie experience. Whatever you decide to do, you can be sure that you are going to be getting the best movie experience possible when you combine a new TV with a new sound system. Surround sound is most popular for when people buy Home Theaters, and they are perfect to replicate that movie like room. In a movie theater, speakers are located all around you, not just in front of you. Duplicate that feeling with better speaker quality and surround sound!

Surround sound comes in a lot of different kinds of features, from stand alone speakers that you can put anywhere in the room, or wall mounts that you put in each corner of the room. Whatever you decide to do with your speakers, you will find that you can get great sound quality, from even the cheapest of surround sound systems you buy. You do not need to worry about blowing huge amounts of money, and you can find a sound system that fits your budget and all of your movie watching needs.

If you do not want to get surround sound, then additional, high quality speakers are also available that plug right into your TV. This is the best way to get great sound and not have to worry about installing a sound system. Speakers are relatively inexpensive, and you can get them easily at any store, whether it’s the local sound store or just at Wal-Mart. Speakers just plug right into your TV, and you do not need to worry about lots of complicated wires. The only thing you have to do is to install and get ready to watch your favorite movie in your Home Theater!

Bose(R) Solo TV Sound System – The Cool Alternative For Your Stereos

The Bose® Solo TV Sound System presents you with the new sleek sound solutions. It is so slick that it just fits below your HDTV, making the quality of your TV programs dramatically better. Frustrated that you cannot hear the dialogues of your favorite TV programs with utmost clarity? Does your flat panel TVs speaker cannot meet up with your requirements? Why not try our new product. All that you need to do is to connect our sound system to your TV and the other end to the wall, and sit back relax and enjoy your program. You do not even need a separate equipment to make our product work.

Want an even but wider sound throughout the room? The Bose® Solo TV Sound System provides you with the latest array technology making the sound heard wider and more even throughout the room. The Bose speaker comes up with the cutting-edge proprietary digital signal processing making the music and dialogues reach you more clearly and naturally, with added effects.

The compact alternative

Almost all TVs sized up to 37″ and sometimes even up to 42″ can be mounted on this audio system. This makes it very simple that you don’t need to roam around for a separate stand for your sound system. You can place the Bose® Solo TV Sound System under a wall mounted TV, or a cabinet or a shelf. You can have it in your living room or your bedroom or anywhere you want. All that is needed is a plug-in to the socket on one side and the TV on the other and forget the whole world around with one finger touch on the remote.

High level performance

The Bose sound system comes to you with the proprietary digital signal processing that makes the sound more even and it detects every variation signal and hence you do not need to alter the volume with that tweak you hear with a sudden rise in volume. Even if your room is a very compact enclosure, the audio system makes the sound distributed evenly throughout, through the array technology.


Hear your can`t-miss-it dialogues with the utmost clarity and hear even the subtle sound that may go without noticed otherwise, through the Bose® Solo TV Sound System. Try it once and you will become such an addict to your TV that you will turn up eventually into a couch potato. The task is made easier with the remote. It comes with just a four button remote that is extremely user- friendly and a universal remote that allows you to access the other components of your TV. Own your Bose® Solo TV Sound System and become your neighbor`s envy.

The components of the box

The whole box consists of the Bose® Solo TV Sound System, the Remote Control, the Power Cord, Optical digital audio cable and an analogue cable. The box comes along with a user manual with step by step instructions making your audio system extremely user friendly. You can approach the online product support center for any further technical assistance.

Purchase this product for just 399$ and you will just feel it worth every dime. The sound effect provided by the Bose® Solo TV Sound System is spectacular and the clarity is just amazing. The Bose® Solo TV Sound System makes it sure that it makes a big difference with your HDTV alluring you into a world of ecstasy. Why settle for something less, when you just deserve the best!

Introduction to Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization ( SMO ), also called Social Marketing Optimization, refers to the method of optimizing your web site so it can be easily found on Social Media Networks. This type of optimization is done with the intent to attract more visitors to your web site.

The benefits of SMO is the instant exposure of your web site content to the various social media networks. Social Media Sites can contain many inbound links to your web pages. These inbound links will increase the overall ranking of your domain in the search engines. This will enable your web site to be found easily through the search engines, which means more visitors will come to your site. All this added traffic serves to expand your online reach and increase your brand awareness, which will ultimately boost your online presence as an authority in your chosen field.

There are many different ways you can optimize your web site so it can be found through the various social media networks. You can make use of social bookmarking sites and bookmark your web site content so that it can be found easily by people who frequent them. These social bookmarking sites attract millions of unique visitors every month and if you consistently bookmark your web pages each time you have new information that you want your visitors to see, your links will increase nicely.

You can also make use of social networking sites to spread your message. These sites allow you to setup an account where you can create a profile and personalize it to match your personal branding. People who are interested in you or your products will be able to find your profile on these sites. They can choose to be your fan or follower and whenever you make an update or an announcement on your profile page, your fans and followers will instantly know about it. You can easily let them know about your latest blog post, your latest product, or what you are currently working on. Your fans and followers will have a deeper understanding about you and your products which will dramatically help to boost your online presence. Do not underestimate the power of these social networking sites as they have the potential to help you amass a very large following.

Another social media optimization technique is to syndicate your content through Really Simple Syndication ( RSS ). This allows you to instantly syndicate your web site content to people who have subscribed to the RSS feed on your domain. It acts like a news feed and anytime you make updates to your web site, people who subscribe to your RSS feed will be able to see your updates on their RSS reader. You can also submit your RSS feed to various RSS directories where people can search for RSS feeds that they might be interested in and then, subsequently, subscribe to them for updates.

Knowing the demographics for your web site will help you to plan your social media marketing strategy since all social media networks are not created equal. The target audiences for each social media network can be very different. You can analyze the demographics of each social media network or you can hire a competent SEO Company that specializes in the SMO arena. Either way can prove to be useful in your social media optimization strategy.